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Sniff Rug Round

Keep your dog busy!⁠

We came up with an exciting game for your dog: Simply hide some treats in the sniff rug and let them find it.⁠

Sniff rugs, also known as sniffing mats or snuffle mats, are a type of puzzle toy for dogs that can provide several benefits, including:⁠

1. Mental Stimulation: ⁠
Snuffle rugs provide dogs with a fun and challenging way to use their sense of smell. ⁠

2. Stress Relief: ⁠
Sniffing and searching for treats in a snuffle rug can be calming for dogs, as it mimics the activity of foraging for food in the wild. ⁠

3. Slow Feeding: ⁠
Snuffle rugs can be used as a way to slow down dogs who eat too quickly, which can lead to digestive issues like vomiting or bloating. ⁠

4. Bonding: ⁠
Snuffle rugs can be a great way to bond with your dog, as you can use them as part of playtime or training. By engaging with your dog through the snuffle rug, you can build trust and strengthen your relationship.⁠

Overall, snuffle rugs can be a fun and rewarding way to provide dogs with mental stimulation, stress relief, slow feeding, and bonding opportunities.⁠

Size: Round 30cm diameter
Color: Navy

Materials: Our sniff rugs are made of cotton materials
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