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  • 5% of Sales Support Street Dogs

dog beds

Our dog beds are our absolute bestsellers. Unlike other dog beds they are filled with coconut fiber from Indonesia, which makes the dog bed very eco-friendly.
The coconut tree is one of the fastest growing trees and the fiber can easily be composted once you don’t need the bed anymore.

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5% of sales support street dogs

Anyone who has visited Bali is well aware of the many street dogs on the island and has also likely witnessed their very sad and dangerous fate. We have never seen more suffering and cruelty against animals than here in Indonesia, and as long as there are no enforced laws, the dogs will continue to suffer. This reality is the reason why we started Kali Dogwear, to educate, raise awareness & make a positive impact on the lives of the local street dogs.
We donate 5% of our profits to our charity partner, local dog rescue foundation, Bali Paws.