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Clearance Sale: Old Raincoat

Clearance Sale – 40% off

We have updated our raincoat designs and we would love to find new owners for the exisiting ones. 

Rainy season has started! 

Bali is getting monsoon rains and also Europe has entered the cold and wet season. 

Especially Bali Dogs hate rain. They wouldn't go for a wee for days if it rains. You can easily get surprised, while you are out and about and bringing a wet dog with you is just no fun. 
We heard you: The raincoat Kali Dogwear Style is ready !

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Our raincoat is as eco-friendly as it can be of course! We used recycled polyester which is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. This fabric has been made in Indonesia.

Instead of velcro (which would have been really handy) we decided to go for small coconut buttons. The strings are our well-known recycled denim yarn from Java and the stopper is also coconut.

If you don't want to use the hoodie, you can fold it back into the little pocket, so it doesn't disturb your dog. 

Main material: recycled Polyester (100% recycled plastic bottles) Buttons: Coconut Hoodie-Strings: Recycled Denim Yarn from Java String Stopper: Coconut 

Sizes: We will have 4 different sizes. Please see the size images. 

S fits very small dogs like Pomchis 

M fits medium small dogs like Kali 

L fits the standart Bali Dog 

XL fits bigger dogs like Labrador

The size of the print depends on the size of the rain coat. Smaller coat = smaller print.