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Dog Harness

It's finally there: The Kali Dogwear Harness! 

Your dog can easily wear it like a little backpack and it will be so much harder for your pup to slip out of it. It also gives your dogs shoulder enough freedom and doesn't restrict movement while playing. 
It's especially good for dogs that really dislike pressure or confinement around their neck and also dogs who wear a tracker as you can add it to the top middle part of the harness easily. 

The harness is made of sturdy Cotton Canvas, which is a strong woven fabric (same like our dog beds). 
The harness can be easily opened and slipped on due to two buckles on top of the harness, which makes the usage so much easier for you and also more comfortable for your dog.
It comes with adjustable pieces to adjust the size of the harness to your pups body. 

Note on our metal parts:
Since we are still on the search for recycled plastic parts, the harness comes with metal pieces (which might eventually start rusting after a while, especially if your dog plays in salt water a lot). 

Kali has been wearing her harness for around 5 months now and even though some parts started to rust, the buckle still looks really fresh. 

Sizing guide:
Kali is a small dog and wears size M in the picture. 

S: Puppies and smaller dogs like pugs
M: Midsizde dogs like Kali, midsize Bali Dogs
L: Bigger Bali Dogs
XL: Big breeds like Golden Retriever

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The harness fits super well and is created with sturdy materials:

  • Harness is made of Kanvas, 100% Cotton
  • Metal parts to adjust to size and to easily open it


Rinse with clear water after your dog used it at the beach to increase longevity. 
If sand gets stuck inside the buckle, it's easiest to let it dry first and then “shake” the sand out.

Handwash with a bit of soap and hang to dry. 
Do not bleach and keep in mind that direct sunlight can bleach your fabric aswell.