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AirTag Collar

Never loose your dog again! 

With our adjustable AirTag Collar you will find your dog much more easily in the future. 
We created a little pocket, where you can slip the AirTag in. It won't have a chance to fall out since we secured it with a small push button.

Collar is available in 4 sizes and our signature colors. 
Material: Cotton Kanvas with Metal/Plastic Buckle

How does an AirTag work?

An AirTag uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with nearby Apple devices, such as an iPhone or iPad. When an AirTag is within range of an Apple device, it sends its location data to the device, which then displays the AirTag's current location on a map. If an AirTag is lost and out of range of any Apple devices, it can still be found through the "Lost Mode" feature in the "Find My" app. When a lost AirTag is within range of an Apple device, its location data is sent to the device and the "Find My" app updates the AirTag's location on a map.

Note: The collar comes without the AirTag.
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