Dog friendly cafés and restaurants in Bali

There are so many cafés in Bali – yet where are all the dog friendly cafés? 
We know some cafés don't allow dogs and while we are on it, we would like to also mention that we should always keep an eye on our dogs and make sure they are on their best behavior. 

During the pandemic most restaurants and hotels allowed dogs to join us (simply because majority of the people in Bali were dog owners), but unfortunately we had lots of reports, where dogs weren't looked after or taken care off and those places now don't allow dogs anymore. 

Let's be respectful with each other and make sure the dogs are behaving so that we can keep all these dog friendly places like they are and appreciate the fact they are welcoming our furry friends (while not disturbing non-dog visitors). 

Places that allow dogs: 

  • Times Beach Warung
    Dog friendly setting at the beach, amazing coffee. Dogs must be on leash on the deck area. Water bowl provided.

  • Kynd Community

  • Baguccino
    Bowl of water and dog bed inside the café to give your dog a chill time. Bonus you can find our products there too ;-) 

  • Home by Chef Wayan

  • Hippie Fish
    You can find a bowl of water for your dogs after your beach walk

  • The Coconut Shack

  • Rize

  • Bottega Italiana
    Dog friendly in all locations (Canggu + Berawa too)

  • Ithaka
    Ithaka even offers a dog menu and donates a portion to "The Dogs of Bali"

  • Fuego
    Fuego is currently working on a small god menu – if you bring your dog and they're really hungry, they do have some kibbles (usually meant for the street doggies)

  • Roots
    Bowl of water and doggie treats available.

  • Good Mantra
    Plant based dog friendly café in the heart of Berawa

  • Manggis in Canggu
    True dog lovers, check their IG which is mainly about food and dogs ;-) 
    Water bowl provided to fine dine with your furry friend. Vegan kibbles provided for the domestic street doggies. 

  • Neighbourhood Food

  • Bottega Italiana

  • Kai Café
    One of the first cafés in Bali, that stocked our products. We got a dedicated Kali Dogwear shelf set up in their cute little café. Parts of the profit will be donated to a rescue foundation in Java.


Seseh + Kedungu: 

  • Little Ripper
    Bonus you can find our products there too ;-) 

  • Flowerboy
    Nice outside sitting area, lots of dog owners go for a coffee after their beach walk. Water bowl provided and dogs are welcome to join the running crew!

  • Seseh Generalstore
    Walking distance to the beach, nice outside hang out area, water bowl provided


  • BGS
    The OG meet & greet in Uluwatu for hoomans and their furry friends. Water bowl provided.
  • Son of a baker
    Fairly new kid on the block, dogs welcome on leash, warm and welcoming atmosphere with amazing croissants (keep your doggies close, they will for sure want to have a bite)

  • Drifter
    And of course our friends from Drifter (you can find us on their Sunday markets from time to time) – water provided for dogs (on leash)