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Leash "Love for Ukraine"

We stand with you Ukraine 🇺🇦

We can not put into words, how heartbroken we are about what is going on in Ukraine. 
Besides supporting the humans of Ukraine, we as Kali Dogwear decided to do our part for dogs too. 

A German dog rescue team has been working on delivering goods and getting the dogs out of the country:

100% of the profits of this product will be donated to them to support their mission. 

If you decide to buy our Ukraine Edition, but won't use/need the product, we will donate them to the Bali shelters and rescuers, while we still donate the 100% profits to the German rescue organisation. (Win-Win) 💙💛
Just let us know when paying, or in your address field if you want to donate the product. 

(Right now we are collecting preorders, as we didn't want to produce too many products)
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The THOMAS Leash matches our first collar and we are extra proud of this one. 
The coconut yarn gives the leash the needed tropical appearance and strength. The t-shirt yarn makes it comfortable for you and your furry friend. 

The hook is made of stainless steel.

The t-shirt yarn comes from Java and is a waste product from a factory. It's basically the edge strip of fabric, that has been fixed to a machine. If you look close, you'll see small holes in the fabric. Since this yarn is basically the waste product, this is normal. We use double layers to increase to durability.

Please remember:
Coconut is a natural unfinished material. It's lasting, but it also means, that the open structure of the yarn invites dirt and water to come in. While it still looks great after washing it, it's not as lasting as other materials, which have been treated with chemicals.


Washing instructions: 

You can rinse the leash with water and even let it soak a bit with some detergent. No machine washing nor tumble drying.